17-Year-Old Discovers a New and Outstanding Exoplanet

Who says that only the ‘big boys’ can bring us news about exoplanets from very distant solar systems? It’s not mandatory to be a professional to make a great astronomic discovery, and Wolf Cukier proves it. At only 17 years old, an age when the majority is wasting time in clubs and don’t care at all about the vastness of the Universe, the young astronomer had found a new exoplanet that is orbiting two stars at the same time.

The planet has been dubbed TOI 1388 b, and Cukier didn’t believe himself that he will cross such a milestone. The boy is a senior at Scarsdale High School in New York, and he has been interning with NASA when he spotted the new planet.

1,300 light-years away

TOI 1388 b is far enough for us never to be able to travel there with the actual technology: around 1,300 light-years away. The exoplanet is seven times bigger than Earth, so we can imagine what kind of life forms we would find there if there are any. Maybe instead of the classic ‘little green men’ from the Science Fiction movies, we would encounter ‘big green men’, like seven times taller than us.

We would need 1,300 years to travel to the planet if, by some chance, we will achieve the speed of light for our spaceships. And Einstein told us that surpassing the speed of light is impossible, so we have to trust him.

SF movies are becoming a reality

Once again, we are witnessing how SF movies are becoming a sheer reality. Wolf Cukier proves it to us by showing how TOI 1388 b has not one, but two stars that it is orbiting around. This is exactly the scenario from Star Wars, where Luke Skywalker’s home planet was also orbiting around two stars.

We can only say in the end that we congratulate the young Wolf Cukier and wish him a glorious career in astronomy!

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