4K YouTube Videos Not Compatible With a Version of tvOS

tvOS 14 impresses through a series of features, although it was released several days ago by Apple. But just like any other piece of tech available out there, tvOS 14 still has its shortcomings. One of them is the incapacity of running 4K videos on YouTube with an Apple TV.

Oddly enough, Apple’s website still says that tvOS 14 supports 4K videos on YouTube:

“Watch the latest YouTube videos in their full 4K glory. Your favorite music, slo‑mo, outdoor, and vlog footage never looked better.”

What the official YouTube support says

The official YouTube support confirms on Twitter that users will be able to run 4K videos on Apple TV with tvOS 14, but it seems that they’ll have to wait more.

YouTube has even restricted the compatibility with the picture-in-picture feature present on its website. Picture-in-picture is a great way of starting a video and then close the app to continue watching it in a smaller window and doing something else with your device. YouTube has started implementing the picture-in-picture feature for its iOS app, but only Premium subscribers will benefit from it.

Here’s how to use the PiP feature on Android phones, according to Google: while a video is running in the YouTube app, you can start PiP playback by simply tapping the Android home button. Your video will shrink into a picture-in-picture window. The window can further be dragged to any part of the screen, and it will continue to run simultaneously with other apps. When you want to resume the playback in the YouTube app, you can double-tap the PiP.

Apple released its tvOS 14 on September 14, and the new software arrives for Apple TV with the Home app, multiple user support for Apple Arcade, audio sharing, and more.

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