A 7th Grader Provides the Name for NASA’s Next Mars Rover

Planet Mars is a gold mine for astronomers – exploring it, we can understand more about our solar system, planets existing in the habitable zone, and about our chances as a human race of ever colonizing one. Therefore, NASA plans the launching of yet another rover to the Red Planet, and now it even has a name for it.

Alexander Mather is a boy of seventh-grade from the Lake Braddock Secondary School in Virginia. With a noticeable passion for astronomy, he is the winner of the “Name the Rover” contest and therefore provided the name for the next Mars rover of NASA.

The name is ‘Perseverance’

After names like Curiosity or Insight, it should be also welcome one like ‘Perseverance’. Alexander Mather defends his proposal by saying:

We are a species of explorers, and we will meet many setbacks on the way to Mars. However, we can persevere

The boy further added: “the human race will always persevere into the future.”

Mather’s proposal delighted the guys from NASA, and we shouldn’t be shocked at all because of it. Perseverance is a noble human attribute, and the noun will look good on the rover.

Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA, also congratulates the name proposed by Alexander Mather, and sees a bright future for the young astronomy lover:

Like every exploration mission before, our rover is going to face challenges, and it’s going to make amazing discoveries … Alex and his classmates are the Artemis Generation, and they’re going to be taking the next steps into space that lead to Mars,

The newest Mars rover Perseverance is set for launch to the Red Planet in July. Exploring the Martian soil and surface as much as possible is a priority for astronomers since they plan to send humans there in the near future.



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