A Comet Much Bigger than Jupiter will Illuminate the Night Sky Very Soon

Few things in this world can be comparable in beauty with that moment when you’re goggling at the night sky with an arm around your date. While the night sky visible from Earth cannot present not even 0.01% of the countless wonders of the Universe, it still has plenty of amazing sights to offer.

One of these amazing sights will be represented by the Atlas comet, a celestial object that will be illuminating the night sky at the end of April. Atlas was discovered last year on December 28, and it stunned astronomers since it’s five times bigger than Jupiter.

It shall be brighter than Venus

The Atlas comet will delight our views when it arrives since it will be brighter than Venus is when it’s seen from Earth. Having high temperatures at its surface and practically being like a vision of Hell, the planet Venus appears very bright on the night sky.

The Atlas comet was discovered by the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS) in Hawaii, and you can easily conclude that it took its name from the initials of the system.

Nobody knows for sure just how bright Atlas can get

While the majority of the betting agencies from all over the world are closed due to the pandemic, you can as well bet your money on how bright you think Atlas will become. The comet is currently located near Mars, and it’s already glowing more significant than astronomers predicted.

Daniel Brown, an astronomy expert from Nottingham Trent University, said about the Atlas comet:

It’s definitely a promising comet,

It’s pushing towards a level that by the end of April could look really, really stunning.

The glowing intensity of the comet is growing due to the Sun’s heat, and the green color is occurring because of the diatomic carbon molecules. The celestial show is approaching fast, and you better have tickets for it.

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  1. I think it is the famous celest object holy books told about it .it seems to be the celest object members of the ploting theorie have been talking about under the name of nubiru or x planet.it seems that the idea that majority of people think wrongly is true.it seems that the majority which represent in statistic the standart to define what is correct and sane is on the wrong way.it paradoxaly seems, like it is told in holy books, that it is minority that is frequently on the right path

  2. When you told us that the comet was five time bigger than venus i understood that her weight was five time more important.i have a special orientation of the mind towards what is deadly catastrophic and i beleived that this comete was going to cause much more than what cause the moon such as tides ect.i recognise that i fooled myself, may be because my knowlegde in english is not strong enough.however the influence of what we are expriencing this days,as the lies linked whit corona,can have disturbed me as it is disturbing many people.it is because i am sure that corona is a lie and because i learnt that medias and books are full of lies that i have now difficulties to trust easily persons who define themselves as scientist.i in my studies of medecine then of radiology here in algeria i was surprised to discover that things were not clear enough in matter of medecine data.when i see so many people beleaving the corona tale i tell myself that i am not wrong when i consider that we must be very careful with what is told to us.

  3. Last thing: i ask myself why scients speak of a comet which will be seen in the end of april and an asteroide “or 1998” whom orbit will cross earth’s one in the end of april too.is it just a coincidence.

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