A New Phone App Allows us to Virtually Explore the ‘Milky Way’ Galaxy

We all have to admit that the current generations have very low chances of ever traveling to other star systems from the Galaxy. But instead, humanity was able to locate with powerful telescopes plenty of stars and other celestial objects, so that a galactic map can be assembled.

Therefore, we can take advantage of that galactic map and explore it in a similar way we’re doing with Google’s Street View. And one app capable of doing that is the one named simply ‘Our Galaxy.’

Available for iOS and macOS

Although the ‘Our Galaxy’ app is very small (it occupies only 60 MB), it offers info about locations and physical properties of cosmic objects within and around the ‘Milky Way’ galaxy. Furthermore, it’s more efficient to be used on a tablet rather than on iPhones.

Bill Tschumy is the creator of ‘Our Galaxy’, and its app can be used for educational purpose, as the presentation from the Apple’s App Store details to us:

Our Galaxy is a unique app for both amateur astronomers and astronomy educators. It helps you visualize the 3-dimensional locations of deep sky objects in and around our galaxy, and provides you with an understanding of their physical properties. It addition, it illustrates the structural components of the Galaxy, including the thin disk, thick disk, galactic bulge and stellar halo.

How to get the app

Getting the ‘Our Galaxy’ app is very simple: all you have to do is download it from the Apple’s App Store if you’re using an iPhone or iOS tablet. It costs only $2.99.

Exploring the Galaxy even virtually is a nice way of training for ‘the real deal’ which we all hope to occur sometime in the future. Humanity has made tremendous progress in the astronomy field over the years (dozens of exoplanets and stars discovered), so traveling to other solar systems shouldn’t be that far away as it seems now.

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