A New Rover Will Tell Us More About Mars Soon

We have all seen Mars portrayed in so many sci-fi movies – we’ve even seen hurricane-force winds in 2015 movie The Martian, and human-eating plants in The Angry Red Planet. However, the truth might not be the one shown in those movies, but that doesn’t mean that it is not as excitingAnd now, the Mars 2020 mission will be launched this summer, and we cannot wait to hear more about the Red Planet. 

Up until now, we got a decade of research with the help of NASA’s Curiosity rover, and we know all there is to know about rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans that are part of the history of MarsThe age of active bodies of water on Mars ended 3 million years ago. However, we know all about their past existence. 

The active bodies of the water showed us that Mars actually used to be habitable. That is excellent news! But we haven’t seen clear evidence of life there. There’s not even a virus. So the question is if Mars was habitable, then how come we know nothing about life thereNASA wants to answer this question with the launch of another rover called Perseverance. 

The purpose of the mission is to collect samples that a feature spacecraft could actually return to Earth. Every single time a rover goes to Mars, it remains there, and there’s no way for it to fly back home. This means that we have never brought samples back from MarsThis mission wants to change that. Perseverance would collect the samples in several years. Then, there will be a second mission, which will land on Mars with a rocket that will get those samples into orbit around Mars. Then, a third rocket would get the samples out of the orbit of Mars and get them back to Earth. 

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