A New Study Explores The Link Between The Brains Of Mothers And Babies

The brains of mothers and babies can work together when the brain waves are synchronized. The level at which the connection works will vary in accordance with the emotional state of the mother.
When the mother is happy, and the brain expresses positive emotions, the connection between her brain and the brain of the baby will be stronger. This will help the baby to learn new things at a faster rate, and it is a great boon for the development of the brain.

Researchers employed a method known as dual electroencephalography (or EEG) to scan the brain signals of mothers and babies who played together. Data collected with the help of this method infers that mothers and babies will synchronize their brain waves, a phenomenon is known as interpersonal neural connectivity.

The scientists analyzed the intensity, traits, and patterns of the interpersonal neural connectivity with the help of a mathematical method of network analysis. With the help of the method, the researchers could learn more about how information moved within the brains and how they worked as a network.

How to improve the link between the brains of mothers and babies

Many mothers and babies will spend a significant amount of time together in a positive state, with their brains being linked by a powerful connection. A large amount of positive interaction with a focus on eye contact will boost the relationship, leading to an abundant flow of information between the baby and the mother.

Previous research has inferred that a powerful neural connection between mothers and babies will make the latter more receptive and willing to learn new information. During the early stages of life, the brain can change in a significant manner.

Many of the experiences to which the baby is exposed can influence these changes. Several studies argue that a powerful connection between parents and their children plays an essential role in the future development of the child.

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