A Remake for ‘Return to Castle Wolfenstein’ Arrives to Steam

If you remember playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein on either PlayStation 2 , Xbox, Linux, Windows, or Mac, it means you had a great childhood. The game was released way back in 2001, and it reached some impressive ratings. Return to Castle Wolfenstein hits a 9/10 on Steam, 88% on Metacritic, and 5/5 on Instant-Gaming.

The fans haven’t forgotten about the good old Return to Castle Wolfenstein, so they created a beautiful remake based on it. Known as RealRTCW, the remake version arrives in October, and you’re free to see a sample of it below:

The game falls into the categories FPS, Shooter, Action, Linear, and more. The Steam description writes:

“RealRTCW is an overhaul mod for critically acclaimed Wolfenstein classic. It features new renderer, expanded arsenal, rebalanced gunplay, new high quality models,textures and sounds.”

The old graphics are still there, as the developers know that they practically assure the Return to Castle Wolfenstein fragrance. In the remake version, the user gets to play with overhauled weapons, an expanded arsenal, and more. The improved AI and boss fights are also there for the player to enjoy.

Works even for Windows XP

The system requirements for the remake of Return to Castle Wolfenstein (aka RealRTCW) are very affordable. Anyone will be able to play the game on PC, as they’ll only need 256MB of RAM, an Intel Pentium 4 1.3GHz / AMD Athlon MP processor, a 3-D Hardware Accelerator (with 64MB VRAM with full OpenGL® support), and at least Windows XP for the operating system. However, you’ll also need to own the original Return to Castle Wolfenstein game if you’re willing to play the overhauled game.

RealRTCW arrives on October 15 on Steam, it’s being developed by WolfETPlayer and published by Wolfmap.ru.

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