Achieving a toned body can be a victory over isolation

For those of us having to stay in isolation this time can prove to be either a curse or a blessing. We are lucky enough to stay home and not risk getting infected, hospitalized, or worst. At the same time, it can feel a lot like a prison.

We might mourn our plans and the life we could’ve lived. Yes, the feelings we have these days can be easily compared to mourning. We’ve lost something important and we don’t know when or how we’ll get it back. Most likely things won’t be the same.

Like with any important loss we’ll swing between the five steps of acceptance. Denial, fury, depression, negotiation, and acceptance. They won’t fell like clear periods, but more like an oscillation from one another. We get attached to the pain, and it becomes hard to let it go.

When we suffer from loss, it becomes important to find meaning in something else. It might feel useless or impossible. But it is neither. And even a small plan like achieving a toned body can prove rewarding. Doing something always helps.

When we’ll first try it, it might not feel rewarding. It will feel wearing and pointless. We might experience the same feeling even the second time, and the third. Making it become reality will feel like miles away from us and that could make us give up. Don’t!

At some point, we’ll develop an attachment to the routine. This is when an important load of the pain attachment shifts onto the physical pain caused by the exercises. And the pain starts to have a purpose. The exact thing we were grieving for being lost.

It will take us somewhere good. And day after day, our waist we’ll change the monologue in our head saying “we’ve lost purpose”. We’ll see ourselves in the mirror and experience a shiver of pleasure and smile a little. We start liking ourselves again.

So, get on Youtube and find the most suitable routine for you.!

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