Adidas will be Testing Products in the International Space Station

It’s obvious that many people would want a ticket to the International Space Station, but unfortunately, only certain people are allowed there. The station has recently been part of more unusual stuff than the ones regarding space exploration. A shipment containing an oven, cookies and car parts was sent to the ISS for scientists to understand how those objects function at zero gravity.

A similar thing happens now, with Adidas launching a multi-year partnership with the International Space Station (ISS) US National Laboratory. James Carnes, the vice president of global brand strategy for Adidas, stated:

The partnership was formed because of the shared focus on innovation between Adidas and the ISS US National Lab and our joint dedication to Open Source creation,

The initial conversations led to the idea of maximizing the unique lab characteristics of the International Space Station, like microgravity, for product research with our background in human performance for athletes.

First phase

It will all start by focusing on product innovation by testing the Adidas products in microgravity. Microgravity is a condition where objects become weightless. Christine Kretz, the vice president of Program and Partnerships of the International Space Station US National Laboratory supports this idea. She said that microgravity is the only condition where scientists can observe the behavior of certain objects like a spinning soccer ball without being interrupted by the airflow. We can’t do such experiments on Earth, so that’s why the ISS is so important.

The Boost technology will be tested

Adidas’s plan is to test its Boost technology in space, which is the hardware the company uses in creating some of its shoes. Astronauts will test if it’s possible to produce Boost midsoles with regions of different particle sizes. Adidas says this could theoretically optimize performance and comfort.

The tests will begin early next year. Hopefully, we will understand more about gravity and how objects behave in space.

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