After We Collided: These Are the New Faces Added to the Cast and We’re Thrilled

After, the hit movie from Netflix was top-rated among the fans of the series after it was released last year. Now, everyone is waiting for the sequel – After We Collided – which will be released in October.

Our two protagonists, Josephine Langford and  Hero Finnes Tiffin, will reprise their roles as Tessa Young and Hardin Scott. We are all excited to see what happens next in their relationship. The second movie will surely show that to us.

There’s a new face joining the cast. We’re talking about Dylan Sprouse, who will give life to Trevor Matthews, Tessa’s co-worker.

All we know so far about the cast of After We Collided

Hero Fiennes Tiffin will play Hardin Scott

Hero Fiennes Tiffin is back reprising his role as Hardin Scott. He is Tessa’s ex. Since we’ve all seen how the movie ended with a cliffhanger, we will see what happens after the couple’s break-up.

Josephine Langford will play Tessa Young

Josephine Langford is back as Tessa Young, and we will see more about her life after the break-up with Hardin. There’s a new boy in his life – Trevor, and we are a sucker for love triangles.

Dylan Sprouse will play Trevor Matthews

A new face for the cast is Dylan Sprouse, who will play Trevor Matthews, Tessa’s co-worker, and new love interest. Will there be some intense moments between these two? We’re about to see

Louise Lombard will play Trish Daniels

Louise Lombard is also a new face, and she will play Trish Daniels, Hardin’s mom. She comes from England to visit him. She is also going to meet Tessa, but it will all be an accident. They will be at the apartment at the same time.

John Jackson Hunter will play the younger version of Hardin Scott

John Jackson Hunter has played in Dynasty, and he will also appear in the second move as young Hardin.



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