After We Collided: Things to Know Before Watching the Sequel

One of the most popular teen movies out there right now is After, which is based on the book with the same name written by Anna Todd. We are waiting for its sequel, After We Collided, which is bound to be released this year. The story was written on Wattpad, but after it was read by millions of people, it got published in five books.  

The first movie was released on the 12th of April, 2019, and it was a huge hit. It grossed more than 69 million, with a budget of 14 million. It has quickly become the favorite series of many people, and we cannot wait to get the sequel. 

These are some things you need to know before you see After We Collided: 

With regard to the release date, we don’t have any info. We know that the filming for the sequel started back in 2019, and the movie was supposed to be released in summer 2020, but because of the coronavirus outbreak, they had to delay the production. 

Jenny Gage directed the first movie, but they changed the director for the second movie. We got Roger Kumble for the sequel.  

For the sequel, both Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin will reprise their roles as Tessa Young and Hardin Scott. There are also new actors welcomed in the movie, like Dylan Sprouse as Trevor Matthews, Candice King as Kimberly, Max Ragone as Smith Vance. 

The author of the books, Anna Todd, stated that she was the one to write the script, together with Mario Celaya. The screenplay was written by Susan McMartin, Tamara Chestna, and Jenny Gage. 

Don’t forget to check out the trailer. We will soon get the movie.  

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