After We Collided: We’re Dealing With a New Character That Might Complicate Things

“After We Collided” is the sequel that will pick up the story from where “After” left off. We know that Tessa moved to college, and she fell in love with Hardin there, who is not really the safest guy to fall for. Even if many people said that Hardin is not good for Tessa, they started dating, thing that left Tessa’s long-time boyfriend, Noah, with a broken heart.  But Tessa soon learns about Hardin’s intentions, the bet, and his true feelings for her. You’re probably wondering how Tessa and Hardin’s story will go in the sequel. We’re here to tell you all we know so far.

So when is the release date?

The movie was supposed to be released in May 2020. But because of the pandemic, the release date has been delayed, and right now, we know nothing about the true release date. According to some sources, it would be released in August 2020, so we’re waiting to see if that’s true.

Will the movie be on Netflix?

“After” is already on the platform, so there’s no reason why the sequel won’t be there either. After was released back in April 2019, and it made its appearance on Netflix in October 2019. So we might get to see “After We Collided” on Netflix by February 2021.

What about the cast?

We know for sure that Josephine Langford will reprise her role as Tessa Young, and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin will also be back as Hardin Scott. The plot revolves around them, so it was clear they would be back.

We will get to see Dylan Sprouse as Trevor Matthews. He will be Tessa’s co-worker, and he likes her, so we cannot wait to see how the story will turn out to be.


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