Algae Found in Antarctica – What Does It Mean?

In a historical first, British scientists have created a map of the bloom of microscopic algae found all over the icy continent of Antarctica in the Epoque of climate change. As the planet is slowly starting to get warmer, the ice found in Antarctica is melting away, and the resulting slushy environment is perfect for algae.

Studies published in the academic journal Nature Communications have discovered that certain areas of the Antarctic are so densely covered in algae that the green patches can actually be seen from space. Biologists affiliated with the University of Cambridge and the British Antarctic Survey have said that, as the planet continues to warm, even more algae will be visible from outer space. This could lead to the creation of a new ecosystem on the southernmost continent of Earth. This could take place, as algae provide sustenance to many more species, thus helping in the formation of a new ecosystem.

Apparently, the scientists have discovered that the algae has already formed significant-close bonds with small fungal spores and with some bacteria. The lead author of the paper, University of Cambridge-affiliated researcher Dr. Andrew Gray has declared that the overall mass of snow algae will keep on increasing. This is because the spread of algae to higher ground will definitely outweigh the loss of tiny patches of algae.

Another researcher affiliated with the University of Cambridge, Dr. Matt Davey, who conducted the research, has said that the algae cultures could prove quite useful in capturing the carbon dioxide of the planet. This would be a significant aid in our current battle against climate change. He also mentioned that the incident is an important advancement in the understanding we have of land-based life on Antarctica and how it might evolve in the following years as the planet continues to warm.

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