Alien Life Can Exist in The Center of Stars

Most scientists agree that alien life forms have to be there, somewhere, considering how outrageously huge the Universe is. But skeptics will always ask rhetorically, ‘where are these aliens if they exist?’. Extraterrestrial life forms could exist in the most unexpected place ever, according to a new theory.

First of all, we shouldn’t imagine aliens as necessarily being those little green men with pointy ears from the movies that are ready to blast us all with lasers. Alien life could be far weirder than anyone suspected, and it could survive in the harshest environments possible.

Aliens can form and evolve inside stars

This wild claim comes from new research done by physicists Luis Anchordoqui and Eugene Chudnovsky from The City University of New York. Trying to imagine that aliens could exist as fiery creatures that spit molten lava sounds like a scenario from the DOOM Eternal game. However, scientists believe that a similar scenario could be theoretically possible. Life doesn’t necessarily have to be defined by the way we see it on Earth and based on the four main compounds: hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen.

Chudnovsky declared:

Information stored in the RNA (or DNA) encodes the mechanism of self-replication,

Its emergence must have been preceded by the massive formation of random RNA sequences until a sequence was formed capable of self-replication. We believe that a similar process would occur with necklaces in a star, leading to a stationary process of self-replication

There’s no telling for sure that in a distant region of the Universe, there couldn’t be chemical elements never seen before. The same goes for aliens: such creatures could even stand right next to us without our knowledge. But of course, the transition from speculation to fact is a huge step.

Scientists predicted long ago that cosmic strings could be trapped by stars. Due to the turbulence, a whole network of strings could begin to form. The new study reveals that cosmic necklaces could form and eventually lead to three-dimensional structures connected with each other in a similar way that atoms are joined by chemical bonds.

The research was published in Letters in High Energy Physics.

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