Alien Life Might Exist Indeed — Astronomers Think We Are Not Alone in the Universe

The search for alien life on other planets has been a tough mission for many decades. Scientists can’t take off their mind, the question “are we alone in the universe,” and such a thing made them developed many theories or projects. In 2020, NASA will send a Mars rover to the planet to search the alien world for proof of past life.

Projects such as the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence or SETI are permanently monitoring the night skies for any sign of contact. Dr. Maggies Aderin-Pocock, a space scientist, stated that “I sometimes wonder where the aliens are, but I have little doubt that they’re out there. I actually think that aliens arriving would be brilliant for us.”

Dr. Aderin-Pocock is the only enthusiast who believes in the existence of aliens. Michael Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut, created quite a stir back in 1999 with his strong arguments about the fact that we’re not alone in the universe.

Astronomers Think We Are Not Alone in the Universe, As Alien Life Might Be Real

Dr. Aderin-Pocock said: “It seems to me the height of arrogance to say that our little stupid Sun off in one obscure corner of an odd galaxy called the Milky Way should be the only one in the whole universe capable of developing what we sometimes refer to as intelligent life.”

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, had also talked about his belief in aliens. He indicated, back in November, that the universe is old enough for alien populations to appear and disappear without a human ever discovering such a fact.

NASA, too, is working assiduously on finding any proof of aliens. The main focus is to identify habitable exoplanets close to stars far outside of our solar system. Kepler was the first mission NASA ever developed as its primary analyzation for distant exoplanets since 2009.

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