Alien Life ‘Next-Door’ to Us Could Be Hiding in Massive Lava Tubes

Astronomers suspect for decades that Mars and the Moon are harboring alien life, but where exactly is it since nobody has seen any on the surfaces of those two cosmic objects? Scientists had sent probes to Mars and the Moon, and even humans to the second object. There was no trace for life, but we shouldn’t give up hope just yet.

A new study published in the scientific journal Earth-Science Reviews promotes a mind-blowing idea: life on Mars and the Moon could be hiding within lava tubes existing beneath the surfaces of the two objects. Extraterrestrial life could even exist as planetary bases.

Lava tubes can also act as shields

Francesco Sauro, who is the study’s lead author, declared:

Lava tubes could provide stable shields from cosmic and solar radiation and micrometeorite impacts which are often happening on the surfaces of planetary bodies,

He further added:

Moreover, they have great potential for providing an environment in which temperatures do not vary from day- to nighttime. Space agencies are now interested in planetary caves and lava tubes, as they represent a first step toward future explorations of the lunar surface (see also NASA’s project Artemis) and toward finding life (past or present) in Mars subsurface.

If the theory is correct, it means we’re dealing with intelligent life forms since they can organize themselves into planetary bases. Most astronomers and scientists, in general, agree that aliens do exist somewhere due to the incredibly huge Universe that we’re all living in. But for them to exist right ‘next-door’ to us and at such an evolved state, that’s truly mind-blowing! Many conspiracy-lovers promoted the possibility for aliens to have a base built on the dark side of the Moon. This would explain why humans didn’t return to our natural satellite since 1972.

NASA will bring back humans to the Moon by 2024 and it may send the first astronauts to Mars several years later. Therefore, we should be ready for any encounter with alien life forms if there truly are any living on the Moon and Mars.

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