Alien Spaceships In The Sky? No, Just SpaceX Starlink Satellites

Recently, SpaceX has launched another set of Starlink satellites. Some of the people watching the late-night show on the western Europe sky compared it with Santa’s sleigh pulled by reindeer. Others, unaware of the event, though that the lights in the sky were alien spaceships.

Those were the people who were thrilled by it and probably not knowing what another 60 satellites will do to astronomical observation or just don’t care about them. Others, who are conscious enough and don’t consider internet upgrade as crucial as science dubbed the flying objects a ‘total blot on the skyline.’

Last month, people posted on Twitter pictures of the western sky of Europe, where a long string of bright objects was seen flying. It was another set of Starlink satellites on the way of being deployed on Earth’s low orbit next to the other satellites of the Starlink constellation. There are currently 358 satellites there, and Elon Musk intends to launch no less than 12.000.

This plan is considered by astronomers’ a crime against humanity.’ Because of light pollution that the artificial constellation causes, it will seriously impair astronomical observations of natural constellations and cosmic phenomena.

SpaceX Starlink satellites are like alien spaceships orbiting the Earth

SpaceX, thus Elon Musk, justifies the criminal act against science with the excitement they know “improved internet service” will bring. And what is science for common people when compared to internet access? Not much. People tend to value what they understand and what brings immediate benefit.

Panem et circus is the Latin dictum defining the means through which a mob can be manipulated. It translates into bread and circus. Give the mob food and entertainment, and they will follow you. And this is pretty close to what Musk is doing.

The CEO of SpaceX is feeding the mob with the so coveted internet and is giving an impressive performance. The night show was pretty spectacular, and it can quickly disperse your attention from what is really important here. That if you don’t fear that Starlink satellites are alien spaceship.

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