“Aliens” Are Humans From The Future, According To An UFO Expert

UFOs have played a significant role in a large number of science-fiction novels, movies, and even games. Many people are fascinated by their potential existence, especially since they tend to be associated with the presence of aliens.

A researcher has sparked a fiery debate in the scientific community after he published a new book. Within the book, he claims that time-traveling humans could pilot uFOs. During an interview, the researcher claimed that he employed a multidisciplinary approach that led him to the current conclusions.

The expert also argues that more time and effort should be spent on trying to learn more about UFOs as something is out there. Some may say that the idea of time-traveling humans is a bit exaggerated, but the scientist argues that it is a viable possibility that should be taken into account.

“Aliens” Are Humans From The Future, According To An UFO Expert

The book mentions that most people who participated in close encounters with aliens describe them as being bipedal creatures who lack the presence of hair and feature large heads with big eyes but small noses and mouths. In most cases, they can communicate with humans in their own native language, and they carry sophisticated devices that aren’t yet available to use but which could be developed in the future.

Previous research has shown that many of the so-called alien abductions have been executed with scientific purpose in mind as the visitors sought to collect more information about humans. This could mean that future researchers are coming in our times to see how the technology evolved in time and to learn more about their ancestors.

It is worth noting that theories related to time travel remain highly controversial, with many scientists agreeing that such feats cannot be achieved in the future, despite the potential of technological advances. Some researchers have also criticized the book.

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