AllCast Update Available to Download with the Ability to Torrent Cast

Smartphones make our lives easier and there is no doubt about that! You can install lots of useful apps on your smartphone such as Uber to avoid having to hail taxis or WhatsApp to keep in touch with your friends and family members. However, the most important app that you can install on your smartphone is a premium video player. Having access to a video player will make it much easier for you to stay entertained at all times by watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

Another useful feature that video players have to offer is the ability to cast videos on a bigger screen. The perfect example of this is AllCast that does an amazing job of casting videos to Chromecast, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Xbox 360/Xbox One, Roku, WDTV, smart TVs and many other devices! Since we are talking about AllCast, we need to mention that the video player has just received a new update.

AllCast Update

Do you enjoy using AllCast to watch your favorite videos? If that is the case, then we have some great news to share with you. The video player’s developers are always looking for new ways to improve the performances of the app and they are doing this by constantly releasing software updates. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that a new update for AllCast has just started rolling out.

The latest update for AllCast sports the version number and it is available to download via OTA (over the air) channels. Therefore, we are advising all AllCast fans to keep their eyes peeled at their notification panels because the update should pop up today.

What’s New?

The new update for AllCast introduces a bunch of improvements and Torrent casting. Yes, you read that right. You will now be able to cast Torrent videos. To make things even better, the update is also making it possible for Chromecast to do MKV converson.

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