Amazon Presents its ‘Luna’ Cloud Gaming Service

After GeForce Now, Stadia, and xCloud, another cloud gaming service is coming soon to the market: the Luna service from Amazon. NVIDIA, Google, and Microsoft are all enjoying significant success with their previously-mentioned platforms, and it couldn’t possibly be otherwise.

Cloud gaming means that you can play pretty much any game on a virtual system, although your gear’s hardware cannot normally run any title. For instance, you can play the last Call Of Duty from a low-end laptop packed with only 2GB of RAM as long as you’re connected to a cloud gaming service.

Only $5.99 per month for a ‘Luna Plus’ subscription

Amazon unveiled its Luna cloud gaming service recently, and it can be used for computers, smartphones, tablets, and Fire TV. If you get to benefit from an invite-only early access program, you’ll only pay a $5.99 fee per month for a ‘Luna Plus’ subscription.

Games available for the early access period include Resident Evil 7, GRID, Control, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and more. These titles and others will be streaming at a maximum of 1080p resolution and 60fps at launch, but 4K support is also coming soon.

Amazon Luna features Twitch integration

For gamers to broadcast their favorite titles while playing, Amazon has even integrated the popular Twitch streaming service into its cloud gaming platform. There’s no surprise here, as Amazon owns the Twitch service since 2014 after it bought it for a staggering amount of $970 million.

A specific controller for Amazon’s new gaming service will be available for $50, although users can also use controllers from Xbox One or PlayStation 4, or even the good old keyboard and mouse. Of course, everybody owns at least one of these devices, so there shouldn’t be a need for purchasing the special controller.

If you’re already interested in Amazon’s Luna gaming service, you can request an early access invitation from the company’s official website.

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