Ancient Volcano on The Edge of Reactivation? Scientists Raise Concern Among Chinese People

It seems there wasn’t enough that the COVID-19 pandemic arose from China and caused a lot of sorrow and restrictions throughout the world. China may soon face another terrifying scenario: a dormant volcano may unleash its wrath once again after a break of 500,000 years.

The concern comes after scientists from the University of Science and Technology of China discovered two magma chambers deep below the surface. Thus, they believe that the Weishan volcano will reawaken soon, and the Chinese people will have to find a way to deal with it. Otherwise, they could face a significant natural disaster.

Location: within the Wudalianchi volcanic field from the northeast side of China

This volcanic field covers almost 193 square miles and features cinder cones that are surrounded by lava flows. The research team had to create a 3D map that shows the structure beneath, and thus two magma pockets had been identified. Scientists had identified a shallow magma chamber before and beneath the volcano. For the latest observations, the team located the shallow chamber in the upper crust.

The researchers involved in the new study explain as following:

Considering the significant melt fractions and active earthquakes and tremors occurring around magma reservoirs, the Weishan volcano is likely in an active stage with magma recharging.

Therefore, it needs more active monitoring for better forecasting of its potential future eruptions.

The good news is that other scientists not involved in the research are skeptical about the findings. Xu Jiandong is one of them, who is also the director of the volcanic research division from the China Earthquake Administration in Beijing. He declared the following:

If there really are huge magma chambers in the area, we should have detected some related seismic activities.

With or without a new volcano erupting soon, having caution can always be a good thing.

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