Android 10 Update Arrives for Nokia 2.3 Smartphones in Many Countries – Huge and Surprising Absence from The List

Android 10 is Google’s latest version for the related mobile operating system, and many people are happy to benefit from it in this period. Even Microsoft admitted that Android is the best operating system for mobile devices, and that can be conclusive enough.

Android 10 started rolling out since April 22 for Nokia 2.3 smartphones, and it was totally worth the wait. Users from 42 countries or regions are receiving the update that means several extra features and optimizations.

How to get the update

Getting your hands on the Android 10 update for Nokia 2.3 is simple: either wait for the update to arrive OTA (over the air) as a notification on your phone, or check its availability by yourself. For the second scenario, go to the Settings app and then select the ‘About phone’ option. You’ll see the ‘System update’ section, then head for ‘Check for update’, and the updating process for your operating system will start.

Also, you must live in either one of these countries to receive the update: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Tunisia, UAE, Ukraine, and Yemen.

It’s just the beginning

Surprisingly enough, the US is not in the list above. The Nokia 2.3 phone was released in that country via pre-orders, and therefore it should still receive Android 10. However, the Android 10 update rollout has been in its first wave, so it should arrive for a new set of countries soon.

Regarding the first wave, Nokia claims that about 60 percent of the countries listed above will receive the update by April 24. Until April 26, all of the other countries will receive it.

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