Android 11 Beta Update Available with New Features

Finally, we can play with the new features introduced by Google’s new Android 11.

The Good News

Everybody can now download the Android 11 beta, and it is a great way of experiencing part of what the new operating system will offer later this year.

The new glimpse of the system will certainly be appreciated by many Google fans. However, Google had to cancel the Google IO 2020 event from May due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Android 11 beta event was also postponed due to the Black Lives Matter protests around the world.

Therefore, the beta version of Android 11 met the world in silence.

The developers spoke about its features in a blog post and how you can enroll in the beta program if your device is compatible.

The beta version of the operating system can be downloaded by users of the Pixel 2 or newer. That is the first time Pixel, and Pixel XL users get left out.

That is no surprise, though, considering that the two devices are considerably old, and they only got Android 10 compatibility thanks to popular demand.

What’s New?

Google’s developers have reworked a lot of the system’s features, especially on the system’s tidiness. Notifications were changed, highlighting messaging chats so that they won’t be easily lost among notifications from other apps.

They will be grouped in a conversations section, which will separate chats in a “bubble” or set a reminder.

Android 11 will also have some features to aid owners of smart home devices. A Device Controls hub was implemented, and it is easily accessible with a long press of the smartphone’s power button.

There are many more features on the updated version of the operating system, so you should consider joining the beta program to get early access to new features.

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