Android Smartphones Get Powerful New Functionality of Performing Tasks with a Simple Tap

Android is enjoying huge popularity of 2.5 billion users throughout the world. And while popularity is not a synonym for sheer quality, you can be sure that in the case of Android, things are different. Even Microsoft acknowledged that Android is the best operating system for smartphones, although the Redmond-based giant had its own operating systems for mobile devices.

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Google announces a set of updates for improving accessibility. The most notable is the Action Blocks app, as it will be used a lot by both normal people and those who suffer from cognitive disabilities.

Perform complicated tasks with a simple tap

This is precisely what the new Action Blocks functionality offers to Android users. You will get to customize buttons for more complicated tasks like calling a certain person, or starting a certain game. Here’s a more detailed explanation for the Action Blocks feature:

The new functionality is available as a downloadable app in the Play Store, and you can get it now with a simple search from your smartphone. Action Blocks is basically the Google Assistant without having to speak to your phone. As the description from the Play Store says:

Built with the growing number of people with age-related conditions and cognitive differences in mind, Action Blocks can also be used for people with learning differences, or even for adults who want a very simple way to access routine actions on their phones. Set it up for your family, friends, or for yourself.

But the good news doesn’t end for the numerous Android users that represent a third of the total world population. Google is also bringing along features to Live Transcribe, better navigation options to Voice Access, and Bluetooth support to Sound Amplify. It seems like slowly but surely, the Android phone is becoming our best friend.

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