Another Universe Existed Before The Big Bang Itself

Scientists from all over the world had been wondering for decades what could exist before the Big Bang, and now they finally have an answer. Of course, further studies will be needed to confirm or refute the claim, but it’s still a start.

The initial idea in science even since the Big Bang Theory was proposed by the physicist and priest Georges Lemaître, was that all of our physical reality was born from that precise moment that occurred 13.8 billion years ago. However, science is full of surprises and it always seems to receive updates as the years pass.

Was the Big Bang part of a Big Bounce?

The idea of another Universe existing before the Big Bang itself is not new at all. Other scientists claimed that universes collapse back towards their former singularity and then rising again in an apparently endless cycle of ‘big bangs’. Sir Roger Penrose now supports the wild claim as well, a scientist recognized by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for his prestigious work. Penrose said:

The Big Bang was not the beginning. There was something before, and that something is what we will have in our future

This obviously means that another universe will emerge from ‘the ashes’ as soon as ours will cease to exist and collapse back into its own gravity. While the dark energy is the mysterious force that allows the Universe to expand in an accelerated way, there’s no telling for how long it will still last. Scientists are still struggling to find out what exactly dark energy is, why it behaves the way it does, and how did it formed itself in the first place.

If the new theory is correct, the Universe could theoretically be infinite in time – no beginning and no end.

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