Apex Legends cross-play is delayed for Nintendo Switch

Apex Legends will be available on the Nintendo Switch platform at some point in the future. Despite the Respawn announcement, it seems like developers are not making any progress bringing the Switch version on the market. 

We recently found out when the port is coming; however, things don’t look very promising. During the recent launch of Apex Legends cross-play, we were reassured of the game’s upcoming Nintendo Switch version. Compared to the recent news, Nintendo Switch shouldn’t raise their hopes up. 

The Switch port is still a work in progress, announced Chad Grenier, Respawn game director. As you may have already noticed from the Tweet post, he, as well as other developers, are not saying much about the current situation. However, Grenier’s confirmation is still hyping Nintendo Switch players who want to enter the battle royal.

PC and console cross-play is coming out

The Apex Legends Aftermarket event will start shortly. However, more importantly, cross-play will finally be available. The cross-play update will allow players from more platforms to play together. To be more specific, PC gamers and console players will join forces together very soon. That could mean the same for the Nintendo Switch gamers. However, things are not very clear at the moment. 

The good news is that Respawn has set rules in order to make the cross-play fair. PC users obviously have an advantage due to the mouse and keyboard usage. However, in order to counterbalance, the developer has included aim assist for console players. This will help them track their opponents. 

Respawn balanced the game by another condition. The cross-play starts automatically when a player in a party is from another platform. Once all things are in place for a game to start, matches will be done on the PC. The downside of Apex Legends is the never-ending ques. However, with the new cross-play, the issue may be sorted out or at least improved. 

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