Apple Watch Series 6 – Blood Oxygen Monitoring Function Available!

Yesterday, Apple announced that the Apple Watch Series 6 will pack a new sensor that enables it to track blood oxygen levels. Still, the company didn’t yet clear which countries the feature would be available in.

Some health analysis features like ECG, and irregular heart rate notifications were limited due to regulatory requirements. Still, it looks like those requirements don’t also apply to the blood oxygen monitoring feature, which is good news if you are looking for a device with such features.

Current Status

The Apple Watch Feature Availability page says that blood oxygen monitoring is available in over 100 countries, suggesting that there are no more mandatory regulations Apple has to overcome.

A support document about using blood oxygen monitoring mentions that the feature would only be available in particular regions and countries, so there is a chance to see some omissions.

If you are interested in buying an Apple Watch Series 6, particularly for that feature, make sure that you double-check if it is usable in your region.

Measuring blood oxygen levels with the Series 6, Apple Watch happens within the new Blood Oxygen app.

The watch uses a series of red and green LEDs in tandem with infrared light to emit light and detect light reflected by the skin.

Then, complicated algorithms use the data to determine the blood’s color, which is a telltale sign of the amount of blood oxygen – Bright red means more oxygen, while darker red means less.


The Apple Watch Series 6 can be purchased from the company’s online store, and orders are set to arrive starting today!

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