Apple’s Latest iOS 13.5 Update: To Detect COVID-19 Contact?

Apple’s new application that aims to detect COVID-19 contact has just been released alongside with the iOS 13.5 update. In addition to this, iOS 13.5 aims to fix a couple of high profile problems, and the results seem to look pretty good.

The latest upgrade is available to all the users that have a device release later than the iPhone 6S and 7th generation of iPod touch. Usually, the upgrade should be made automatically, and all you need to do is to access a certain notification. Should your phone fail to display this notification, you can always access the General menu from Settings and click on the option entitled “Software Update.”

Apple’s COVID-19 contact tracing functionally has been specially designed for this update and is mostly used for accurate information regarding high profile bug fixes, as well as crucial biometric upgrades. This brand-new feature guarantees access to your phone while wearing a mask, creating a unique design, able to recognize its owner even when outside.

The passcode field is now automatically generated when trying to unlock the phone while wearing a mask. The update also works perfectly with App Store, Apple Pay, Apple Books, and iTunes, as well as many other apps that can be unlocked using Face ID. Furthermore, the application comes with the option to update your health status using the Medical ID.

Additionally, iOS 13.5 was described by its developers as being an improvement to all the bugs that users have developed. Moreover, the upgrade brings the possibility to control the automatic prominence of the titles of the videos while Group FaceTiming.

The updates concerning the bug fixes include fixing the black screen error when trying to connect to streaming videos from the phone. Then, users will no longer experience the need to restart applications when share sheet suggestions state that the actions are not loading.

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