Astronomy and Space Activities That You Can Do While Staying At Home

We’re in a strange place now, as the world faces the Covid-19 pandemic. While the medical groups are on the front lines of fighting with this, and others, too, who offer critical services for communities, the best thing we can do is to stay home.

But, staying home, it could be annoying or boring sometimes. Luckily, there are some entertaining things you should try. Have fun with science or learn new things. Take a sneak peek at what the Universe is trying to tell you, and discover some of the most stubborn space objects.

There are lots of astronomy and space-related activities you can do online or at home. Begin your exploration by reading the following best DYI ideas.

Citizen Research

Want to be supportive and find a new exoplanet? You can also look after some gravitational waves or detect incoming space objects. Support the scientist worldwide by enrolling as a Citizen Scientist. Your mission would involve performing real scientific tasks.

Zooniverse is the right place you can start right away. The website is where astronomy, one of the most enlightened minds out there, and the Universe collide. You can help identify and locate supermassive black holes, for example, by using the LOFAR (the Radio Galaxy Zoo).

Zooniverse also comprises other fascinating areas such as medicine, literature, biology, and arts! Other citizen science websites are and Cosmoquest.

Mission Ideas for Kids and Families

Schools are close at the moment, and people are mobilizing online resources and offering other helpful ideas for parents. For a start, how about keeping a journal? You and your kid could write and discuss how this or that is influencing your lives. Also, what’s the status of your neighborhood, state, or country.

The YouTube channel, Authors Everywhere, got many sharing stories, reading aloud, and it provides writing prompts or ideas for artistic tasks. Skype A Scientist is also an excellent way of staying informed and learning new stuff daily.

Dr. Sarah McAnulty is the creator of the website and is organizing a Virtual Book Tour for all science-lovers. Stay smart indoors, and take care of your family!

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