Attack on Titan Chapter 132: Find Out Who Dies in the New Chapter

We finally got the Attack on Titan Chapter 132 as unofficial translations, but you might want to wait for the official release. The spoilers on the internet started to appear a few days ago, but the full manga chapter is available to read. We’re here to tell you where to read the new chapter.

The official release date for the English translation has appeared on the internet, and it’s free to read.  Make sure you find sources that allow a free trial.

So what happens in the chapter?

The 132 chapter is called Wings of Freedom. It seems that Floch came back and has managed to shot the plane’s fuel tank. Mikasa has also hurt him with her hook. We learned that is last words were “please don’t go. Or else, every eldian will get killed. Don’t stop our devil. Our hope.”

So after Floch shot the fuel tank of the plane, the plane needed repairs. And the time was little. Hange decided to help them by buying them more time. She killed two titans but suffered a burn on her body, so she fell. We see how she meets Erwin and all the other dead scouts, and Erwin assures her she’s done well. Hange manages to say goodbye to Levi, and Levi tells her to follow her heart. Hange laughs because it is the first time she’s ever heard Levi say that.

Hange then wakes up on a crater that was caused by the colossal titans. She then meets with Erwin and everyone that’s there. Hange makes Armin the 15th commander of the survey corps. And then, she sacrifices herself. Hange gets burned to death, and we see the other mourn her death. Levi says, “Later, Hange. “

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