Attack on Titan Chapter 133: Eren Has Done the Unthinkable

Spoilers about Attack on Titan Chapter 133 are finally out, and the leaks are all over the internet. We are here to tell you all we know so far.

About the chapter

Chapter 133 is called Sinners. Eren brought together the alliance, and he tells it that they don’t need to talk. He will go forward and be free. However, they will eventually disagree because of their own beliefs. He continues with the fact that all he can do now is to fight.

He did not want to take away the power of the alliance because he wanted it to have the freedom to fight. “If you want to stop me, then you’ll have to kill me. You are free.” Then the alliance sees Little Eren and little Ymir standing side by side.

Where can you read the manga online?

Attack on Titan Chapter 133 is available for free on plenty of websites out there, such as Crunchyroll and Kodansha Comics. However, you might want to wait for the official version given to us by the official publishers for the manga series. This will help the creators make even better stories.

When is the release date?

According to official sources, Attack on Titan Chapter 133 has its release date set for Friday, the 9th of October 2020. The new chapters from the manga series will be released every month, on the 9th. The scans are not always perfect, and some might be annoyed by it, so make sure you wait for the official manga releases.




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