Australian Bushfires Started a Conspiracy Regarding Future Asteroid Destruction

Australia’s bushfires are considered the first sign of threatening world-ending destruction, according to a recent conspiracy theorist. As is known, the bushfires in Australia are a general and frequent event that has given significantly to decaying the nature of the continent over millions of years.

About Australian Bushfires

Eastern Australia had been declared as one of the most fire-likely areas of the world, and its dominant eucalyptus forests have transformed in such a way to flourish on the happening of bushfire.

However, the fires can bring consequences such as massive property destruction and loss of both animal and human life. It is estimated that bushfires have brought the end to almost 800 people’s lives in Australia since 1851. As for the animals, the numbers reach billions of lives taken away.

The most sturdy fires are regularly led by excessively high temperatures, low comparative humidity, and powerful winds, which connect to develop ideal factors for the quick spread of fire. Critical firestorms are sometimes dubbed according to the day on which they occurred, such as Black Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Black Sunday, and many others.

The continuous drying of the Australian continent in the last 15 million years had created an environment and ecology predisposed to fire, which has succeeded in many specific adaptions amongst fauna and flora.

The Australian Bushfires Conspiracy

Pastor Thomas Thorn declares our planet will encounter a violent end, and a space object will bring destruction to the planet within ten years, according to Revelation 8.

He also stated that the text indicates that one of the factors of the epidemics of Exodus is: “scorching and setting ablaze fields and forests” – he related that to the bushfires in Australia. Thorn reached that final statement after examining that “factor” and the Book of Revelation.

He mentioned a passage: “Then the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound them and there followed hail and fire mixed with blood, and they were thrown upon the earth.”

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