Become The Greatest Hero The Third Age Has Ever Seen in R2 Games’ MMORPG Strategy Game

Are a fan of strategy games, but you are also looking for a game that comes with a great story and an extensive lore? On top of developing your own realm and fighting off foes that try to control the world, you get to either make alliances or form rivalries with players from a global network.

In The Third Age you’ll get to experience those moments and many more as soon as you choose your hero in the popular browser game.

Developer and industry giant R2 Games has brought yet another game to the world of Free-to-Play browser video games. This time, we get to see a high-fantasy world where players are thrown in the middle of a war between three powers.

Choose a Nation

The first things you will get to do will also prepare you for the incoming battles. In the starter quests you’ll learn more about the gameplay and that’s where you get to choose one of the three nations that are at war.

These nations are: Watchmen’s Union, Storm Empire, and Blood Tribe. Once you have chosen one of these nations, they will become your ally and the others will become your foes.

Develop Your Own Realm

Do not worry, The Third Age is not only about battles. To get strong armies and a wealthy realm, you need to expand and develop your city, compete against other players and find the best strategy to win and take over many resources.

Become a Hero

Players will have to rule through a general, who can be one of the many epic heroes from The Third Age. The story-driven game offers an amazing lore, which you can learn more about as your character progresses in the game.

If you ever find yourself in need of some advice or tips, R2 Games has some handy guides at

Browser Games Are Here to Stay, Now on Html5

Now onto more technical details, you may be wondering if browser games are still a trend or if they are as optimized as video games you from other platforms. R2 Games assures its huge player that they are specialized in the global Free-to-Play browser video game publishing, and they keep all their games fresh and up to date.

Browser video game are here to stay, and with the death of Flash in 2020, R2 Games has already made sure to move most if its titles, including The Third Age to Html5.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, R2 Games is a popular publisher, and you may know them for their recent titles Robot Tactics Online and Survivor Legacy, but also for their games Wartune, Dragon Awaken, The League of Angels series, and Eternal Fury.


You may download and find more information about The Third Age on the game’s official site:

Get in touch with other players on the Facebook Fan page, and check the rest of R2 Games’ titles on

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