Best 4 Mario Games out There to Enjoy With Your Friends

Mario is, without a doubt, one of the most popular video game characters of all time. it’s been about 35 years since Mario first made its appearance in 1981 in “Donkey Kong,” and it’s been all about games ever since. We got “Super Mario World” and “Hotel Mario” and “Mario’s Time Machine.” You can also play on your smartphone.

We have written this article to give you a list of the best four Mario games out there.

Super Mario 3D World

We believe that this one is the best game made in the last five years. Its design is perfect, and you won’t get bored. And nostalgia in this one is strong.

You can choose to play Luigi, Mario, Peach, or Toad, and every one of them has a unique ability which they also had in the original NES game. You’ll also see the same overworld map concept from “Super Mario World,” and it is full of secrets.

You can also play this game co-op with friends, which is a beautiful surprise.

You can find this game on the Wii U, in the eShop, or in-store on disc.

Super Mario Odyssey

This one indeed shows the evolution, if we are to take a look at Nintendo’s long history with this character.

This one is the newest game – Mario uses his hat to get different objects. You will get to play some things, like a massive T-Rex, or a bright fireball with Mario’s mustache. It is basically a scope of Odyssey, which makes it unique.

You can find this game on the Nintendo Switch eShop and at all the retail stores out there.

Super Mario Bros

None of these games would have been here if it weren’t for the original “Super Mario Bros.”

The design of the game was made to teach the basic skills, such as taking running leaps. Then, challenges would make their way, and players needed to use those basic skills. This design has inspired other games out there. This game hits really close to home, and we are still enjoying it.

You can find this game on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 took the theme from the first Galaxy game, and they added new game mechanics for their levels. It is safe to say that this game is a masterpiece in 3D platforming, quite the testament for Nintendo’s game design expertise. It is easy and fun to play.

You can find this game on the Wii U, or digitally, or in-store on disc.

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