Best Alternatives To One Punch Man

If you are a big fan of the comedic action from One Punch Man, we got you covered for the next anime to binge-watch.

Life is hard for the typical anime hero. Still, Saitama is no ordinary hero – He is pretty much unbeatable and can win every battle with a single punch. One-Punch Man follows the adventures of Saitama and Genos, his cyborg apprentice. The series is captivating, and it has multiple hard-hitting moments and side-splitting jokes to crack you up!

As the second season of the series is over, fans are eagerly waiting for new details regarding the upcoming season.

In the meantime, why don’t you give a shot to these great alternatives:

Kill La Kill

Kill la Kill is another product of the creators of Gurren Lagann, its predecessor.

Kill la Kill’s story is simple by comparison. The show focuses on Ryuko Matoi, a rebellious person, weaponized scissors, a high school run by a dictator, and sentient clothes. It sounds like quite the thrill!

The show embraces its apparent silliness and inherent insanity and puts them to fair use in an unforgettable experience.

Kill la Kill is somewhat of a parody of the “Magical Girl” anime genre, and it does that very well.


FLCL, also called Fooly Cooly, is a short but unique and captivating series. The anime was released nearly two decades ago. It later aired on Adult Swim in 2003. Though it’s only six episodes long, each episode is exceptionally well made and impressive.

The show said goodbye to all the rules and stereotypes of most anime shows.

It’s wild, fun, and irreverent, much like One Punch Man. It’s so short that, even if you don’t like it (though that’s unlikely), you won’t spend days on it.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a long-running franchise from over three decades ago. The first started as a horror manga, but it gradually changed its genre and tone.

Jojo is famous thanks to its well-contoured characters, intense battles, and mesmerizing world.

The creators of the show worked hard to make it stand out from the crowd. You should consider giving it a shot!

Hetalia: Axis Powers

Though Hetalia: Axis Powers isn’t as action-packed as One Punch Man is, the series is nuts! It focuses on a small number of characters that represent the countries that participated in World War II.

Italy is the main character of the series.

Each character is somewhat stereotypical, but in a good way, as the creators tried to express each country’s qualities in a loveable show.

Ghost Stories


Ghost Stories is targeted at young audiences, meaning that the events are lighthearted but still spooky (though not entirely horrifying). The show received little to no promotion at launch, but its fanbase made sure that it got the appreciation it deserves in the following decades.

However, the show is even better if you watch the English dubbed version. The dubs are hilarious because the creators of the anime gave the voice actors the choice to interpret the characters’ voices as they please, and the result is fantastic! The voice actors went to town with it in a funny and memorable experience!

The characters are lovely, and their charm is simply captivating.

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