Best GTA 5 Mods Available in 2020

GTA V is the best selling 3D game of all time, and it’s obvious why: it’s an open-world environment where the player gets to do pretty much any kind of illegal activity he wants with the three protagonist characters (Trevor, Michael, and Franklin).

GTA V can become even more delightful once you try out some mods, assuming that you’re not the kind of person who thinks that nothing can beat the original. Of course, modding a game comes at your own risk, but it’s worth it sometimes.

Go back to Vice City

The Vice Cry: Remastered mod reminds the player of the good old GTA Vice City, one of the most successful games of the series. The fictional Miami receives a beautiful makeover, and it’s a better visual experience than the original GTA Vice City game.

Niko Bellic is back in business

While installing the Niko Bellic mod for GTA V, you’ll get to see the beloved protagonist character from GTA IV. We’re talking about a merciless war veteran and a mercenary who would do anything for money. Therefore, why not go bowling with him?

Be the Iron Man

With the Iron Man Script 2.0, things seem to become a lot easier in the game. The mechanical beast likes to solve things in his own unorthodox ways. Hin punches are lethal, and he can fly around the whole map in just several seconds.

GTA V Truck Simulator

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is not just a hugely popular game where the player has to drive trucks around Europe. The game was also the source of inspiration for the Trucking Missions mod of GTA V.

At seven years away since it was released, GTA V remains a highly-playable game not only for its online mode (aka GTA Online) that is updated regularly by the developers from Rockstar Games. There are countless other mods available for the game, but we were glad to present to you our own favorite list.

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