Best League of Legends Champions for Starters

League of Legends is always a great option if you want to make time flow faster or train your gaming skills as you compete with other players. Multiplayer online battle arena games are highly popular nowadays, and League Of Legends qualifies for the genre very well. Developed and published by Riot Games over a decade ago for Windows PC’s and macOS, League of Legends has over 80 million monthly players.

But in order for your gameplay in League of Legends to be as good as possible, the best way is to learn from the best. That’s why we’ve prepared to mention several of the 148 champions of the legendary game.

ADC: Tristana, the Yordle gunner

If you’re aiming to play by the ADC role, Tristana is a great choice. Laning is like a walk in the park for her, as she’s capable of efficient mobility and range. She packs an Explosive Charge and the Rocket Jump as the main tools for attacking. But if things get even more dangerous, she can pull out the Buster Shot as the trump card.

Top lane: Garen, the Might of Demacia

This guy may be bulky enough, but he can sure use his weight in his advantage. Furthermore, he has the amazing ability to regenerate himself after receiving enough damage. He likes to play rough during the top lane, as he possesses some interesting combos and various attacks. We believe Garen is a great choice for beginners, especially due to his excellent defensive abilities.

Support: Sona, Maven of the String

Sona is capable of a very wide hitbox, fast travel, and more. It’s not hard at all for a LoL player to become a great Sona if he struggles a bit. The Cresccendo is the main weapon of this gal, as she can use it to turn any fight in her favor.

Sona’s basic abilities can generate a unique and empowering aura for 3 seconds. Furthermore, this can help all allied Champion icon champions who enter the radius. This will also grant a 0.5 seconds period during which she is unable to cast other basic abilities.

Why don’t you tell us about your own favorite League of Legends champions? Feel free to leave a comment!

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