Best Splashtop Alternatives Available with Better Features

Splashtop is one of the most popular remote desktop apps available. The reason why is apparent – It’s easy to use, fast, reliable, and it doesn’t use up a lot of resources.

However, if you don’t fancy using Splashtop, there are plenty of alternatives available. Here are our top picks:

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the most popular choices among most users. It works as a chrome extension that you can call remotely from a Chrome address bar on a smartphone. The service gives you the option to pick from a list of devices associated with your account, as long as you have the Chrome extension enabled on them.


There’s no need to mention why TeamViewer is so popular. It’s one of the most iconic remote desktop apps of all time.

It’s fast, reliable, data transfer works flawlessly, and the UI is refined but still easy to use.

The only downside to it is that it features fewer functions than other similar, free apps.


Alpemix isn’t necessarily a popular service, but it gets the job done. There are virtually no differences between Alpemix and the other services on this list in terms of functionality, but there is a notable advantage Alpemix has – pricing. It is one of (if not the) cheapest apps available currently.


Jitsi is a fascinating choice for tech-savvy users. Its project is available on GitHub for everybody to use or contribute to.

Also, there is another advantage to it – it’s cross-platform, and it’s good at doing that.

Jitsi also features video calls, which comes in handy at times. You never know when you need to see the face of the one you are trying to help.

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