Best Stocks to Buy Right Now – MSFT – NFLX – PYPL

Anybody can buy a stock, but it is no easy matter to actually buy the correct stock when you should if you don’t have a specific, coherent strategy. The question that arises now is what stocks you should buy or keep on the lookout for. MSFT (Microsoft), NFLX (Netflix), PYPL (PayPal), CMG (Chipotle Mexican Grill) and POOL (Pool) are some of the stocks which are now starting to look good as the market is redressing from the drop caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The record bull market has finally crashed due to the coronavirus crisis, but stocks are starting to look good once again. Stocks are in an upward trend once again. The rise has been consolidated as tech-oriented stocks listed on NASDAQ are breaking resistance barriers and reaching high levels again. This has been quite a successful rebound, considering the significant selloff and the panic that took place in the market in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What has caused the market to look as good as it does is the optimism regarding the novel coronavirus, both globally and within the US. A number of states are looking into ways of coming out of the lockdown and resuscitating their economies. On the other hand, investors are feeling uncertain due to the stress placed on the oil markets.

Before we look into why the beforementioned stocks are worth buying or putting on a watchlist, we must consider how one should go about when picking a stock. A good investment strategy is all about having the right fundamentals, timing, and technical action.

There are many thousands of available stocks listed on Nasdaq and on the NYSE. In order to generate proper stocks, however, you want to find the best.

A system called CAN SLIM can guide you in this complex process. In order to gain current quarterly and annual earnings growth of at least 25%, you must search for companies that have brand new services and game-changing products. You should also look into companies that have not made a profit yet, a lot of them being IPO’s with an enormous grow potential.

The CAN SLIM Investing System, developed by IBD, has a record of consistently outperforming the S&P 500. If you want to generate significant income on the long term, outperforming the market is essential.

You should also keep an eye on the supply and demand of the actual stocks, with a focus on stocks and market leaders, especially stocks with significant support from financial institutions.

Once the proper stock has been identified, you have to find the correct point of entry in the market. How this works is that you must first wait for the stock to form a base. When that happens, and you reach a buy point, preferably in heavy volume, you should think about actually buying.  Sometimes, a stock gets to its proper buy point once it breaks above its original high on the left side of the base.

Always remember that the “M” in CAN SLIM stands for the market. The majority of stocks, even the absolute best, will trend around the general direction of the market. You should invest in the market when it is on a confirmed uptrend and move your assets to cash when the stock market starts to correct itself.

The current stock market rally has been confirmed as an uptrend after the S&P 500 went through a disappointing day on April 2. The follow-through day on Nasdaq, April 6, was a lot more convincing. The market also rebounded on May 14 from a significant selloff, which strengthens the uptrend case.

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