Betelgeuse Is Shining Bright Once Again – It Might Not Be Dying After All

Betelgeuse is the tenth brightest star in the night sky. It has recently started shining again after reaching its minimum brightness level on 7-13 February 2020. The brightness of the star is variable, and it fluctuates on a scale of 430 days. However, what is alarming is that in December 2019, the intensity diminished to a disturbing degree.

Researchers state that the red giant star is expected to go supernova in the upcoming 100.000. Astronomers from Villanova University have observed that two cycles have contributed to creating a significant low. Additionally, they predicted the recovery coming on February 21.

Edward Guinan, the leading researcher of Villanova University, states that this episode is never going to occur again. Nonetheless, a study of Emily Levesque from the University of Washington has analyzed the temperature of the star, and they are contradicting the other opinion.

Betelgeuse red giant might not turn supernova as it’s brightening up again

What is different is that in December 2019, surrounding dark matter was observed with the help of an enormous telescope in Chile, compared to what was discovered in January 2019. Miguel Montarges, the leading researcher of KU Leuven, stated that they are concerned about completing the cooling of the surface due to the imminent likelihood in which Earth is threatened by stellar activity or dust ejection.

Even with previous preparations, the humanity still has a lot to understand about the red supergiants. Therefore, even the work that is being done now can be subject to change, since we are not aware of side effects.

One thing is for sure: the discovery of the giant star fading was made by curious amateurs who have noticed this with their bare eye. Speculations from ordinary people have caught the eye of the researchers that started studying what is happening in the outer space with the giant Betelgeuse. This movement is probably a guarantee that looking at the sky is more than it seems to be.

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