Betelgeuse Massive Red Star Reaches Critical Stage

Betelgeuse has experienced more ups and downs that every other cosmic feature so far. Astronomers continue their endless examination to determine if Betelgeuse’s state is terminal or is only a phase. The massive star Betelgeuse has been getting fainter at an unparalleled rate over the last months, conducting some scientists to question its state.

They also believe in a supernova explosion as the star’s final moments. It is already known that the massive star has left no more than approximately 100,000years until it will burn and then enter its final phase. If Betelgeuse becomes a supernova, the results would be noticeable in daylight and would appear more profound than the full moon. The event would be observed for a few weeks.

The Betelgeuse Latest Action

Tony Phillips, an astronomer, explained that such unexpected fainting of Betelgeuse could also lead to less catastrophic interpretations. We could witness a massive sunspot or some clouds of stellar fragments. Probably the most monotonous description of all is that the star is only doing what it wants or following its course. Betelgeuse is also known as a shifting star that vibrates over a variety of time.

“This whole episode might just be a deeper-than-average pulsation, and perhaps the supernova watch can be called off,” Phillips explained.  The most recent details come from Guinan’s team, which displays that the massive star could be experiencing a widespread 430-day beat. And, if it’s true, then it should hit on February 21, its dimmest level.

However, Guinan and the team explain that Betelgeuse still looks to be even fainter than it should be during such a widespread period of vibration. Such a thing could mean that there are many other influences in the massive diminishing of Betelgeuse. What truly happens with the massive star remains a mystery for scientists. Further observations will be needed to see how Betelgeuse’s state is going to change.

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