Big Mouth: Are We Getting a Fourth Season?

The popular sitcom Big Mouth came back with a third season on Netflix back in 2019. Now, fans are curious if we’re also getting a fourth season. We might have some details on this one.

Are we getting a fourth season?

We come with great news! One of the actors, Jason Matzoukas, who voices Jay Bilzerian, stated that they have already finished the recordings for season 4. So it seems like season 4 is happening, and that the writers are already working on the fifth season.

It seems that the fourth season is already done, and the Coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown did not affect the production that much since all the work was finished before the chaos started. And the release date might arrive here a bit earlier than we all expected. As of now, we are waiting for an official announcement with regards to the show and the release date.

We have seen a lot of tension between Andrew and Nick. Jessie moved away, and the situation has turned out to be entirely unexpected. In the fourth season, we might finally get to see Jay learning about its sexuality and how he might accept it. We might also see more about Jessie’s struggles, as well.

How will the season manage to tackle some complicated issues?

The show is known for exploring some of the most socially relevant issues in life, and the next season might surprise us all. We will probably see Jessie’s fight with her mental illness – and that might just be the tip of the iceberg.

Netflix hasn’t really made an official announcement about season 4 just yet, but it might be coming our way sooner than expected. We are looking forward to seeing if there are new characters, and what will happen next for our heroes.


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