Black Clover Chapter 257: What Will Finral Roulacas Choose to Do?

We have finally seen the Black Clover Chapter 257 rumors, and it seems that Yami’s powerful attack destroyed Dante’s body. The Dark Triad leader will not give up, as he has the power of devils helping him. This means that it won’t be easy for Yami to fight Dante when he is possessed by the devil, and he gets stronger. We will see what happens in the Black Clover 257 manga chapter.

The raw scans are on the internet, on Reddit, to be precise, and it comes with a lot of essential info about the story.

Spoilers and all we have learned from the internet

The spoilers show that Dante will be able to self-regenerate by using the power of devils Dante looks scary, but it’s what you would expect from someone using 80% of the capabilities of the devil. Asta will help Yami in fighting against Dante, and the fight might be epic.

Finral Roulacas has watched the destruction of Spade Kingdom, which was a consequence of Dante and Yami’s battle. He is asking himself whether he should help Yami or simply call another brigade captain. However, it seems that Dante will not be able to use the full powers of the devil because he needs a connection between the underground world and the real world. We are looking forward to seeing how that will happen.

Where can I read it online?

The release date of this one is July 12, 2020, which was on Sunday. The raw scans can be found everywhere on the internet, but the official release is better.

You can read it for free online on the official website and platforms, it truly helps creators in doing their work.


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