Black Clover Chapter 266: What Happens to Asta?

All that comes with the Black Clover name – anime and manga – is a treasure. We are talking about one of the most popular stories out there, and there are a lot of rumors that it would be canceled soon. However, the manga only grows stronger every day, and we all see it.

In the Japanese manga series, which was both written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata, we meet Asta. He is a young boy that’s born without any kind of magic power. However, he wants to become the next Wizard King.

We have learned that we will get chapter 266, and then Black Clover will take a break. But the question is: when will it be back?

So when is the release date?

Chapter 266 of Black Clover will be released on Sunday, the 4th of October, 2020, according to some sources.  It will probably be released at midnight. We know you want to know when the English translations will be up on the internet. We believe this is when they will be available: 9 AM Pacific Time, 11 AM Central Time, 12 AM Eastern Time, and 5 PM British Time. We cannot wait to see what happens next in chapter 266.

What will happen in the new chapter?

It seems that Gaja will arrive in the Clover Kingdom. He is irritated by the fact that the Dark Triad kidnapped the queen. The Clover Kingdom will start talking about a possible war strategy with Gaja, and they will all set their roles in the battle. Nacht will begin Astra’s training, and Asta will take the full devil form. Asta and the devil will interact, and it seems that Asta will be gaining control over the devil.


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