Black Clover Chapter 267: We Learn More About Nacht

Black Clover Chapter 267 will be released this weekend, and we cannot wait to see what happens next. Nacht is training Asta so he can control his devil powers. They do it in an abandoned house that might belong to Asta or Nacht’s family. Eventually, Asta defeats his demon, and we sense a great battle coming in the next chapter.

Grey and Nacht also have some arguments, but they agree to disagree. Asta becomes way more stronger after he learns to use his devil powers. But what about all the spoilers on the internet?

What happens in the chapter?

The spoilers will be out on Thursday, with the manga raw scans. Roth may be Asta’s demon, which will make him Astaroth. This could make him stronger than Lucifero. This is the reason why Roth got outcasted from Hell when trying to kill Lucifero.

Gaja is fine, and he will soon join the training that takes place with Elves. Charlotte is still learning things so that she can save Yami. The raid on the Spade Kingdom won’t be an easy one.

The anti-magic devil from Asta looks like his older version, and we get strong vibes from him. This chapter will also reveal Nacht’s backstory from when he was the new Black Bulls vice-captain. We need more answers!

So, where can I read it?

The raw scans are on the internet, but you are probably all wondering where you can read the English version. It’s always better to wait for the official release. You can read it for free on VIZ media and MangaPlus official websites. Make sure you always read them from the official websites.


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