Black Clover Episode 137: Asta Just Got Happier

Black Clover Episode 137 will be out soon, and we will finally see what Asta will do after finding the five-leaf clover.  We have all seen how jealous Asta got when Yuno was rewarded with the four-leaf clover at the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony, and he got nothing. But after Yuno encourages him, he finally finds that rare clover.

The latest episode has been all about Noelle and Secre and their water powers, but in the next one, we will see more about Asta. Here is all we know so far.

So when is the release date?

The release date of Black Clover Episode 137 is set on Tuesday, the 4th of August, according to some official sources. New episodes air every Tuesday – the show has resumed its regular schedule. Right now, we are also waiting for the official name of the episode.

According to the rumors on the internet, in the next episode, we will see Asta mastering his new powers. Asta, together with Yuno, will go on a new adventure after getting the clovers. We cannot wait to see Asta’s new powers, since it has been so much hype around them ever since the animators teased them.

Where can I watch it?

Black Clover Episode 137 can be seen online on Funimation, which comes with the English dub of the episodes. However, if you would prefer the original Japanese audio and the English subtitles, then you can go to Crunchyroll.

We are waiting patiently to find out the name of the episode and to see clearly what this clover means for our heroes.


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