Blizzard Is Planning on Launching Diablo 2 Remaster

Back in 2018, the gaming studio Diablo has announced that they are planning on launching Diablo Immortals. Almost two years have gone by, and no other official declaration has been published, leaving fans quite disappointed. Then in 2019, the company decided to announce the release of Diablo 4 in November. In addition to this, Blizzard is planning to surprise its fans somewhere at the end of this year, by releasing Diablo 2 Remaster.

ActuGaming has reported that Activision Blizzard is currently developing a series of various projects at the moment, and one of them is Diablo 2 Resurrected. This upcoming version is still undergoing a series of changes, and the rumors are stating that it will be released during the fourth quadrant of this year.

Blizzard Is Planning on Launching Diablo 2 Remaster

As far as remasters are concerned, usually, the companies are announcing their release a few months before the games are available for purchase. Julien Blary is the source of the leaks for Diablo 2 Resurrected, bat up until now no information regarding a time frame for an official release announcement has been made.

It is said that Blizzard will most likely reveal its game during Summer Game Fest. Another alternative will be if the publisher releases an announcement on BlizzCon, which will make the game available by the end of November and beginning of December.

Apart from the Diablo 2 Remaster, Activision Blizzard is planning on releasing other titles as well throughout the year, such as Vicarious Visions or Marvel Ultimate Alliance. We are hoping that all of this pieces of information will prove to be true, even though they are coming from unofficial sources and you should take them with a pinch of salt. up until now, no leak can demonstrate Blizzard’s approach regarding the storyline of Diablo 2 Resurrected, therefore we still need to wait for an official announcement.

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