Boeing Prepares Its CST-100 Starliner Spacecraft for December Flight

CST-100 Starliner is ready for the Cape Canaveral launch, on December 17. The capsule will be attached to Atlas V, a rocket manufactured by the United Launch Alliance, and it will fly without any crew members. Such a demonstration could help NASA astronauts to fly on the Starliner in 2020.

Boeing has developed the spacecraft for NASA as part of the space agency’s Commercial Crew project. It would be the first time for many decades for astronauts to fly on US-made vehicles.

Boeing’s Project Development

Boeing is close to its beginning of Starliner’s first flight to space. Right after Atlas V set Starliner in orbit, the capsule has the mission to arrive at the space station. Then, it will automatically dock with one of the available ports on the ISS. Starliner will find its way back to Earth after a short period, and it will have to land at one of five locations in the western US.

Moreover, there won’t be people on board, just a dummy earing one of the blue pressure spacesuits the company made for the next generation of astronauts. Boeing chose, however, to represent women by naming the dummy, Rosie. As the president of Boeing’s Defense, Space & Security, Leanne Carret explained, this thing serves as a true symbol.

She detailed: “Rosie is a symbol of not only the women who re blazing a trail in human spaceflight history, but also of everyone who has shown grit and determination while working tirelessly to ensure the Starliner can transport astronauts safely to and from the International Space Station.”

Starliner’s Discussed Costs

NASA’s Office of Inspector General stated that rides on Boeing’s Starliner would be pretty much expensive. The report disputed that one seat on Starliner would supposedly cost $90 million. Boeing and NASA, however, disagreed with the price completely.

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