Brilliantly Bright Venus Spotted Recently in the Night Sky

Amateur astronomers and passionate stargazers can observe the night sky without any efforts. Venus continues to be brilliantly bright thanks to the latest reduction of light pollution. The better weather allows you to observe the fabulous planet right after sunset. Venus was never so beautifully put on display.

Venus On Spotlight As Reduction of Light Pollution Continues

Venus is recognized as the second planet from the Sun, after the Moon. This year, Venus has reached its most brilliant phase in April. Astronomers stated that the planet is so bright that it can cast shadows. They also explained that the best moment to catch a glimpse of Venus is around mid-month.

The Moon will not be displayed in all its glory, so the moment will be perfect for spotting Venus! It will be a genuine experience to observe the brilliantly bright planet at a dark spot away from all the light pollution.

Seeing Venus With A Telescope Would Be Spectacular These Days

Astronomers recommend a telescope for the best results, but you can use a pair of binoculars, as well. You’ll only have to use one of the items and look at the sky for the bright Venus. You’ll notice its current shape, similar to a crescent Moon. During this month, the planet seems to be even bigger and with a narrower crescent, too, as it swings towards our planet.

As for the most powerful telescopes, these won’t bring the desired aspects of Venus. Such a thing is not possible due to the planet’s ability to hide its secrets behind some extremely bright white veils. The veils represent some consecutive sheets of high clouds. They’re made of bits of sulphuric acid, with mysterious dark patches that move endlessly. For scientists, those patches are a challenge, and for decades, they’re still looking for a clue to find out their structure.

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